My Morning Beauty Routine

My Morning Beauty Routine | Naughty Guide

My Morning Beauty Routine

I wake up at 11am every morning (except weekends) after sleeping about 9 - 10 hours. I definitely love to get my beauty sleep.

So my Morning Beauty Routine starts by getting lots of sleep.

Everyone should have a morning routine as it's what helps you to get started in the morning, plus it helps you to slowly wake up.

I know that many of us don't have a lot of time in the morning...but it's important to make time for yourself...even if it's only 30-60 minutes in the morning.

There are plenty of things you can do to fit things in in the morning.

Below are things I do in the don't have to do all of them as I have more time on my hands since I work at home.

I wake up at morning routine lasts 2 I'm ready to work by 1pm. And I work all day, with breaks in between, go to bed between 1 - 2 am.

I love to take time for myself and take care of my body and skin, both inside and out.

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As soon as I wake up in the morning, I hydrate my body because my body has been asleep for 9 hours and is dehydrated from no water all night.

As soon as I gulp down my hydrating coconut water, I feel energized right away and ready to begin my morning beauty routine.

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After downing my water, I do some quick stretches to get my circulation flowing and to help loosen my body after a long night of sleeping.

When you sleep, your body is inactive and gets a little stiff from no movement.

So it's important to waken up your body with some quick morning stretches.

The one in the photo is stretching my entire body...legs, back, neck, shoulders and arms.

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Fresh Breath

I'm big on fresh breath! Some people like to wait till after they eat their breakfast to brush their teeth. Not me!

I prefer to brush my teeth right away to get rid of the film over your teeth and tongue from sleeping all night.

Brushing my teeth right away helps me to feel more fresh and clean to start my day.

I use an all natural toothpaste to brush my teeth, tongue and roof of my mouth...then I use a natural mouth wash.

This mouth wash tastes so delicious! Using all natural products helps my mouth to feel more fresh.

Then I finish off with my water invention ever! My mouth doesn't feel completely until I finish with this device.

It goes deep into your gums and between your teeth to clean hard to reach areas.

I also use it to clean out my tonsils as food can get stuck back there sometimes. I'm very clean about my mouth!

After eating, I'll brush my teeth one more time as I like to feel really fresh when starting my day.

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Steam & Exfoliate

Once a week, usually Mondays, I will steam my face with my perfect little steamer.

Then I'll use my travel size dermabrasion device, to exfoliate my face.

I do all this right before I put a mask on my face because the steamer helps to open my pores so the mask can penetrate deeper.

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I love masks and have many for different problems such as dry skin, collagen, skin tighten, etc.

I'll put it on for about 30 minutes and while I wait for it to take effect, I will clean my room, make my bed, and head to my house gym where I will do yoga for 15 minutes.

I'm someone who doesn't like to waste time...I'm always doing something.

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Beauty Products

After washing off my mask, then it's time to apply my beauty products from Obagi.

Obagi is the only skincare products I will put on my face.

I had life changing experience with them 5 years ago.

As soon as I used their products, I could see amazing results and so could others, even those who didn't know me as I got tons of compliments on my skin.

I use to get really cysts every month and my skin tone was a little uneven...every since I started using them I haven't had any acne problems and my skin tone is amazing.

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Face Exercises

Everyday I do things for my face as I'm not getting any younger. And I want to look my best as I age.

I start with doing 5 minutes of red light therapy on my chest/neck, then I do another 5 minutes on my face.

During my 5 minutes on my chest/neck...I kill time by doing facial exercises.

These exercises help to tighten up my skin...I'm doing them for preventative measures.

It's like a workout for your face...just as we work out our bodies, we also need to workout our neck and face as we get older.

I tear out pages from facial books to help me with my exercises.

I have two gadgets that I use to help as you need resistance as you start to get use to doing them so you need to challenge yourself.

Then I use Nuface on my jawline...I don't use it on the rest of my face due to my migraines. So just be careful when putting something on your face with electrical currents.

Always test it out as I did, as it didn't work for me...It's only safe for me on my jawline. Just something to thing about as it's not cheap, so don't want you to waste your money.

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Once I'm done upstairs in my bathroom, I head down to my kitchen where I make breakfast.

I have to eat breakfast everyday, as it's what gives me my energy and feeds my body with the nutrients and minerals it needs.

I usually always have a potato as it doesn't cause bloating and feels me up.

Then I will either have eggs or a protein bar, depending on how much time I have...sometimes I have to run out for errands.

Protein is a must!

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Vitamins & Minerals

Once I fill up on breakfast, then I move onto my vitamins because I need something in my stomach first before taking them.

Then I make a delicious veggie/fruit smoothie along with adding collagen protein powder to it.

I will usually drink this smoothie as my snack or take on the go.

The final thing I do for my morning beauty routine, before starting work, is take a teaspoon of Vitamin C powder.

Not only does it help with your immune system but it's great for collagen production.

To help with collagen as we age, it's important to incorporate Vitamin C into your daily routine.

Just remember not to take too much at once or you will get diarrhea. Take Vitamin C throughout the day to be safe.

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