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Larry Flynt

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Larry Flynt

What can a naughty girl say about Larry Flynt?

He is certainly not without controversy and he seems to be the kind of person you either love or hate.

Or maybe just have a love-hate relationship with.

Flynt is most famous for founding Hustler, a sexually explicit magazine.

The first issue of Hustler was published on July 1974.

In November of that year Hustler published the first ever "pink-shots" or pictures of open vulvas.

Many found these images shocking and too explicit for publication and his own distributors threatened to remove Hustler from the market.

Not to be intimidated, Flynt published nude photographs of former First Lady Jacqueline Kenney Onassis taken secretly while she was on vacation in 1971 by the paparazzi.

Flynt published these photographs in August 1975 and within a few days of publication over one million copies were sold.

Flynt has always pushed the boundaries of acceptability, even for pornography.

He has published images of women going into a meat grinder head first and women wearing dog collars on leashes.

Many found these images demeaning.

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In 1978 Flynt was shot in an assassination attempt while in Georgia, where he was appearing in court on pandering obscenity charges.

The shooting left him partially paralyzed.

The man who shot Flynt said he did so because he found interracial pictures published in Hustler offensive.

Where does Flynt come into play as a great sexual thinker?

He has certainly spent his life building an empire on pornography and making it as explicit as possible.

But more than that Flynt has been a champion for First Amendment rights, especially when it comes to freedom of the press for issues pertaining to sexuality.

He has been involved in many court cases where he used the First Amendment as his defense saying the freedom of the press and freedom of expression are absolute.

Speaking out against censorship, Flynt has paved the way for others to be able to express sexuality in art as well as pornography.

He took all the hits so no one else had to.

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