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Havelock Ellis

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Havelock Ellis

Havelock Ellis was an interesting cat.

A man who wore many hats including doctor, psychologist, writer and social reformer, Ellis also studied human sexuality in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

He is credited with coining the term "homosexual" although he strongly denied it.

As a great sexual thinker, Ellis led a rather unconventional life.

A virgin until he married at the age of 32, he married Edith Lees who was an open lesbian.

They lived apart and had an open marriage.

For a great sexual thinker Havelock Ellis did not have much of a sex life and when he had one, some would consider it bizarre.

Aside from marrying a lesbian, Ellis was impotent until the age of 60 and then would get aroused at the sight of women urinating.

His work in sexuality research however, was a great contribution to science.

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Ellis published and co-authored the first medical textbook on homosexuality, called "Sexual Inversion" and published an article about what is now known as transgender psychology.

Considering that transgendered persons are only recently getting the validation they deserve, Ellis was way ahead of his time as a great sexual thinker.

He completed what could be called the first objective study of homosexuality in that he did not discuss homosexuality in terms of it being a disease, a crime or a moral issue.

Long before Freud, Havelock Ellis first studied and identified narcissism and auto eroticism. Freud would later go on to build on his work.

As far as great sexual thinkers do, Havelock Ellis was one of the originals.

Given the time and climate about sex in which he lived, he could be considered courageous for tackling such taboo subjects.

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