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Erotic Massage

Learning how to give an erotic massage will open up a whole new world of sensuality for you and your lover.

It's usually men who benefit from massages in those naughty little Thai places you see in dark alleys, but if you can teach yourself similar techniques which will drive your lover crazy, you'll be a superhero.

Erotic massage isn't just rubbing in the right places, though, it's about combining touch, smell, sounds and even sights and tastes to create an intense, sexual experience.

That's because women use all of their senses to become aroused, and erotic massage ticks all the boxes.

It will also open up your own responsive capacity and allow you to become more in tune with your sexual senses.

Erotic Massage | Naughty Lifestyle

Identify Erogenous Zones

Any massage is pointless if you don't know where to go. We all have certain areas on our bodies which respond to a delicate touch.

They don't have to be sexual areas, either. Ask your lover where she likes to be touched, or just go exploring.

Popular erogenous zones include the nape of the neck, inside of the elbows, the scalp and head and the inner thighs. You'll soon know which parts are exciting her.

Erotic Massage | Naughty Lifestyle

Tease To Please

The key to a successful erotic massage is building up her sexual tension until she just can't take any more.

This means actually staying away from her clit, pussy and vagina for as long as possible and concentrating instead on the other erogenous zones you've identified.

You can go in close, like doing long strokes up her inner legs towards her pussy but stopping just short of any actual contact.

Do that a dozen times, rubbing harder and quicker each time, and she'll be begging you to put her out of her misery.

Erotic Massage | Naughty Lifestyle

Lotions And Potions

There are lots of gorgeous massage lotions and oils out there to enhance the erotic massage experience.

Use fragrance to set the scene, experiment with warming and cooling oils to vary the temperature on her skin and perhaps invest in some edible massage lotions so you can use your hot tongue, as well as your hands, to tease and probe her.

Erotic Massage | Naughty Lifestyle

Listen To The Body

Once you've decided to start touching her intimately, take your time and learn to respond to how her body feels beneath your touch.

You can use your cock to massage her breasts and maybe even get a little oral action as you pass by her mouth.

As you massage her pussy, pay attention to every section including the vulva, labia and clitoris.

Feel where she responds most fully and gravitate towards that section. If you're penetrating her with your fingers, try to find her G-spot and massage that, too.

The key is to watch, listen and feel her body as you massage her, and let her responses guide you to the time and place when she's finally ready to orgasm.

Ask her how she wants to come. Does she want you inside her at the critical moment?

Does she want you to manually take her all the way or have your tongue do the honors?

Agree before you start how the erotic massage is going to end, so you can be prepared to give her the end result she's craving.

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