History of Spanking

The History for Erotic Spanking| Naughty Guide

History of Spanking

Have you ever got excited when your partner gives you a little smack on your backside? Are you one of the many people out there who have fantasized about giving or getting a spanking?

Maybe you like the idea of your partner pulling your panties down and putting you over his knee and giving you a proper spanking.

Maybe you like the idea of the one holding and using the paddle. Regardless of where you fall on the erotic spanking spectrum, one thing is certain: you are not alone.

What exactly is erotic spanking? It seems like it is pretty self-explanatory. It is spanking for sexual arousal or gratification of the participants.

It is a human sexual behavior where spanking is closely combined with other sexual acts. In many cases, erotic spanking is used as a kinky method of foreplay and it is done to increase sexual arousal, often in both partners.

Sometimes more "vanilla" forms of sexual activity such as touching, masturbation, oral, anal or vaginal intercourse follow a spanking.

Any spankings that are given within this realm are clearly erotic and not a meant for discipline or a just for fun.

This can include many different activities including sexual roleplay such as age play where one partner, usually the female dresses up in costume that portrays her as a young girl such as a school girl outfit.

There can also be planned spanking sessions that lead to sex and spontaneous spanking on the bare bum during sexual activity.

Often, erotic spanking is combined with bondage. This can help increase arousal and feelings of helplessness which the receiver often reports is one of the most enjoyable parts of the experience.

The History for Erotic Spanking | Naughty Guide

Unlimited Spanking

Erotic spanking is not limited to before sex as a method of foreplay. Spanking a partner during sex is another way people incorporate it into sexual activity.

For example, a perfect sexual position for this is the cowgirl or reverse cowgirl position.

While she is on top and her bottom is reachable some partners use the opportunity to give her bottom a few smacks. Or maybe several.

Erotic spanking can be anywhere on the spectrum from light kinky play to more serious BDSM. Erotic spanking may mean the spanker only uses their hand or it may mean a variety of spanking implements is used such as a paddle, cane, whip or strap.

British spankers seem to favor a cane or a slipper. Erotic spanking is most commonly administered on the bare buttocks but can also begin with the receiver fully clothed and proceed through levels involving removing clothing.

Something really intriguing about erotic spanking is that is it practiced among all couple pairings. Male spanker/female spankee (M/F), female spanker/male spankee (F/M), Male/Male (M/M) or female/female (F/F). Everyone it seems has the potential to try it and like it.

But WHY do they like it? That is the question that puzzles those who have no interest in it. Well here is the deal: Buttocks are erogenous zones; as the sexual arousal nerves in the buttocks are buried in a layer of fat and require harder stimulation to trigger them.

Not only that but the sexual arousal nerves in the butt are connected to the sexual arousal nerves in the genitals. Often, women especially report feeling a pleasurable sensation in their genitals during a spanking, almost as if their clitorises were being stimulated.

Factor in the tension and increased sexual arousal of a slow spanking that gets faster and harder as time goes on and you have what for many people is a fast lane on the highway to orgasm.

The History for Erotic Spanking | Naughty Guide

The Spanking Community

There are certainly more formal forms of erotic spanking that just the playful pull your partner over your knee on a whim type.

Among spanking fetishists erotic spanking is usually more formal and involves submission and bondage and is considered a BDSM activity.

Someone who is a spanking fetishist will deny being a sadomasochist because they only enjoy spanking as a fetish. Not other forms of BDSM.

Those in the spanking community even have their own language. People who are interested in giving or receiving erotic spankings are sometimes called spankophiles or spankos.

While these terms are often considered a description of someone with a spanking fetish, it also includes those who fantasize about it but never act out spanking in their real lives.

The History for Erotic Spanking | Naughty Guide

Domestic Discipline

Erotic spanking is not to be confused with domestic discipline. While some couples enjoy role playing domestic discipline situations, real domestic discipline is much different and not intended to be sexually pleasurable.

People who practice domestic discipline believe the man is the head of the household and it is not only his right but his duty to discipline his wife as children as he feels appropriate.

They do not see this as domestic violence, rather as controlled and consensual corporal punishment.

One fascinating fact about spanking and other forms of corporal punishment that focus on the buttocks is that, it was not as many people think, originally directed at children.

The practice of spanking and other forms of corporal punishment was originally reserved for women.

But I digress....

The History for Erotic Spanking | Naughty Guide

Adam Spanked Eve

How did erotic spanking come to be a thing? Who invented it? It is just another sexual fad? History has shown us it is as old as our record keeping on walls.

Erotic spanking has existed on this planet pretty much as long as humans have walked upright. Or so it seems.

Proof of this can be found in the Etruscan Tomb of the Whipping from the fifth century BC, named after its depictions of eroticized flagellation and one of the earliest depictions of erotic flagellation or spanking.

At least one that has survived to present day. We will never know what has been lost to history.

We do know the Karma Sutra contains instructions on how to properly strike a partner during sex and that is a text that has survived thousands of years.

Folklore has intimated that the very first spanking in history happened between Adam and Eve when Adam put Eve over his knee after they were expelled from the Garden of Eden.

An interesting theory but there was a lot of history before the Bible was written and long before it came along to tell the story of Adam and Eve the ancient Egyptians had already incorporated spanking into their religion.

The History for Erotic Spanking | Naughty Guide

Spanking, The Sacred Duty

The goddess Isis had many followers and the believed spanking was actually a sacred duty. To honor the goddess of motherhood and fertility female slaves had their bums whipped in the temple.

This ancient fertility ritual had such an influence that even centuries later other cultures like the Greeks and Romans did the same thing to promote fertility.

These fertility spankings have been documented and even date back to Ancient Greece. A childless woman in Ancient Greece thought she could be cured of being barren by the priests of the god Pan.

The women would visit the temple of Juno, lie face down on the floor and the priests would whip them with a lash made of goat's hide.

It didn't take long for the priests to figure out the whip came with some serious erotic power.

It wasn't just the Greeks who got in on the spanking action. Virgil, a Roman storyteller from around 50 BC told the story of the feast of Lupercalia.

During this spank fest, naked men danced in the street spanking every woman they crossed paths with. In addition, if you are looking for an interesting tradition for ensuring brides to be were fertile, the Romans were pretty original.

The bride to be was put across the knees of a "sponsor" who bared her bottom and strapped her to the accompaniment of clashing cymbals.

We may not know much about erotic spanking during this time but we know it was certainly not a private event.

Like many cultures in Western antiquity, those Romans were pretty smart for their day.

The ones who were not against corporal punishment also were hip to the, aphrodisiac powers of flogging and spanking. In other words, they knew it was a turn on from the jump.

Believe it or not, the theory that whipping would make barren women fertile lasted until the sixteenth century.

This idea was not limited to any economic class or education level. We know erotic whipping became common in the French court of that period.

The History for Erotic Spanking | Naughty Guide

The Victorian Spanking Era

The earliest mention of erotic spanking in modern time dates to approximately the Renaissance, but it did not become too well known until the Victorian era.

Sexually-motivated spanking and whipping was called The English Vice in those days.

Speaking of things English, we cannot talk about erotic spanking and its history without talking about the Victorian Era.

The Victorian Era named after Queen Victoria was characterized by fast change and developments in just about every facet of society in England.

Medicine, science and technological advancements were unprecedented. There were rapid changes in population growth and location as people moved to cities for employment.

The mood of the British people started out with confidence and optimism but ended up reflecting uncertainty and concern over England's place in the world.

Today when we think of the 19th century and the Victorian Era we associate it with strict religious observation, Protestant work ethics, family values and institutional faith.

In the Victorian Era, a woman was Queen who at that time had the longest reign in history. Yet families were patriarchal and often had many children.

They emphasized religious conformity, respectability and hard work. While the Queen was beyond reproach, women were usually portrayed as either Madonnas or whores.

Taking this into consideration and also the fact that Queen Victoria was known somewhat as a prude and even insisted on having table legs referred to as limbs because she thought using the word leg was too suggestive and sexual, it may seem that erotic spanking had no place in the Victorian Era.

However, that is not accurate. In fact it is pretty far from accurate. The truth is, the British people were some serious spankophiles.

A large portion of Victorian pornography was made up of images of erotic spanking and flagellation.

For example: 1000 Nudes by Koetzle. We know there were hundreds of thousands of engravings, photographs, and literary depictions of spanking and flagellation ("birching") fantasies that were published and shown during the Victorian era.

These included erotic novellas like The Whippingham Papers, The Birchen Bouquet, Exhibition of Female Flagellants and even the pornographic comic opera Lady Bumtickler's Revels.

So no matter how prudish the Monarch, it seems the spanking went on.

The History for Erotic Spanking | Naughty Guide

Spanking Today

If we fast forward into the 20th century we find the Spencer Spanking Plan. Published in 1936 by Mrs. Dorothy Spencer it was a plan that she swore would result in marital bliss.

Basically it is a guide for domestic discipline that very clearly. Not only did it define when a man could spank his wife but also when a woman could whip her husband.

This was possibly the first time a woman spanking her husband was discussed in a publication. The Spencer Spanking Plan was very detailed.

There were rules and regulations couples must agree to and must agree to abide by them to the letter. Some interesting facts:

*After it was published a leather goods store sold 297 whips in one day.
*The U.S. divorce rate fell 37% in the first three years after it was published. This was attributed to those practicing the method.

While this was clearly a domestic discipline manual and not about erotic spanking, it may have opened the door for a discussion about erotic spanking and cleared the way for more modern depictions of it.

In fact, by the 1970's films were being made about spanking. Erotic films. One popular example of this is the Shangrila Production Company in France.

They made La Fessee ou Les Memoires de M. Leon, Maitre-Fesseur in 1977. In this film a bank manager has an evening job as a spanker of females. Even today this is considered a brilliant film which is a must for spanking enthusiasts.

If you examine the erotic literature from Japan, you will see many of the images depict spanking, usually including bondage. Many times in cartoon form but meant to see as erotica.

The History for Erotic Spanking | Naughty Guide

Spanking The Internet

We time progressed through the 20th century erotic spanking seemed to become a common sexual activity, although one that was not widely talked about.

Many people went to secret dungeons to give and receive erotic spanking or whipping.

Finding someone who had similar sexual tastes was more difficult. Today there is craigslist, chat rooms and millions of websites devoted to erotic spanking.

Before the invention of the internet erotic spanking literature was on the scene. Writers such as Eve Howard who has been writing spanking literature since the 1980's became very popular.

Through these books and magazines people could give themselves permission to explore their untold fantasies about spanking.

A 1998 Playboy poll by Dr. Marty Klein found that 49% of the men and 38% of the women have spanked or have been spanked as part of sex.

We must keep in mind these are cases of self -report from this studies data pool. In reality the number could be much higher as people often are not honest about their sexual desires and activities because they fear judgment.

Sometime in the late 20th century spanking parties and spanking conventions became popular. These events, held at someone's home or a hotel brought groups of people together who liked to spank and be spanked.

Today they have grown to large conventions with large numbers of people attending to mix with fellow spankophiles.

They have workshops teaching people the fine art of erotic spanking and have the newest products, implements and even self spanking machines on display. It is like the Comic Con of the spanking world.

When the internet took off like a rocket, spankers and those that serve them jumped right in. Today there are thousands and thousands of websites devoted to erotic spanking.

You can read spanking fiction, real life spanking stories, see photos and videos of spankings taking place. It is big business which tells us how many people in the anonymity of cyber space are interested in spanking.

The internet changed the paradigm because now you can enjoy watching and reading about erotic spanking right from the privacy of your own home.

All this means couples are still engaging in erotic spanking in present day. It may be more common than you think.

If you are looking for the ultimate naughty girl experience, it might be time to bend over and take a chance.

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