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Sexy Portofino

Portofino Fashion Tips | Naughty Guide

Sexy Portofino

I fell in love with Portofino ever since I saw it on The Bold & The Beautiful (soap opera)...when the cast went to visit this charming city in one of their episodes back in the 90s.

I finally had the chance to visit this gorgeous seaside town while on a cruise. The cruise ship stopped for a day...enough time to explore the town and get a taste of what it has to offer.

Portofino Fashion Tips | Naughty Guide

The entire town is surrounded by hills so lots of walking up stairs...make sure to wear your walking shoes. I wore my most comfortable Jimmy Choo sandals!

When visiting, make sure to walk up to the highest point to get the best views.

Portofino is very hot in the summer months, so wear something that can breath. I decided to wear this gorgeous white top with matching skirt from Revolve by Tularosa Label. My gold purse is from Jimmy Choo and sunglasses are from Dior.

Portofino Fashion Tips | Naughty Guide Portofino Fashion Tips | Naughty Guide

Having the sleeves off the shoulders kept me cool. Plus I decided to tie the top into a knot in the front to keep me even more cool. I had my hair down when I first started my tour, but quickly put it up as it was way too hot.

So if you're heading to Portofino and you want to take some good photos with your hair down...get your photos in right away...then bring a hair tie to put your hair up. Putting your hair up, cools you down by 10 degrees easily.

But there are lots of shaded alleys to help cool you off, like the one pictured above. So make sure to stay in the shade as much as possible.

Portofino Fashion Tips | Naughty Guide Portofino Fashion Tips | Naughty Guide

When making your way up the hill to either the castle or the high-end hotel...make sure to take a look around as there are tons of stairs leading to different places. It's fun to explore the unknown.

I had fun taking photos in various places...I found this gorgeous staircase on my way up to the hotel. Behind the gate, above, is someone's house...the yard was so big and beautiful.

Portofino Fashion Tips | Naughty Guide Portofino Fashion Tips | Naughty Guide

There are tons of beautiful flowers all over Portofino...make sure to stop and smell the flowers and take a few photos as I did. Plus the further you head up the hill, the better the views of the town.

Portofino Fashion Tips | Naughty Guide

After my hike up the hill, I finally made it to my destination where I could relax and sip on glass of cold, refreshing water before heading back down the hill for lunch.

You can see the hotel from the bottom of Portofino...it calls to you as you look up.

It's the beautiful, Belmond Hotel Splendido! A must stay or visit if you're in Portofino as the grounds of the hotel are gorgeous and instagram worthy. Plus the views are absolutely amazing!

Portofino Fashion Tips | Naughty Guide Portofino Fashion Tips | Naughty Guide

After walking around Portofino and my tour to the top of the hill, it was time to enjoy some delicious Italian pasta!

I didn't eat at the hotel because I really wanted to sit sea side at one of the cute cafes in the town.

I got really lucky with the restaurant I picked...the waiter suggested their staple dish and I had to try it. Boy am I glad I did as it was SO amazing!

You can see the plate in front of me below...it's a flat pasta with tomato sauce and pesto mixed together.

I could have eaten two plates! It was some of the best food I had on my trip. After lunch, I had enough energy to walk up the hill of the other side before heading back to the cruise ship. The photo below was taken up where the castle on the hill is located. I definitely worked off my pasta with all my walking and sweating.

Portofino Fashion Tips | Naughty Guide Portofino Fashion Tips | Naughty Guide

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